Kelsey Huberty
Behavioral Health Consultant

Kelsey is a highly-respected and experienced drug and alcohol counselor with an expertise in working with young adults. She struggled with an eating disorder and mental health issues and she saw the wreckage this created in her own family.  Now several years into her own recovery, Kelsey has a unique insight into the impact that an afflicted individual can have on their entire family.  She believes one of the keys to helping her begin the recovery process was her parent’s willingness to seek help and do whatever was necessary as a family.  

It was through her own recovery process, that Kelsey decided to enter the counseling profession and enrolled in a Master’s Program. She knew from her first day of class that working with those impacted by addiction was a higher calling. Kelsey has always found herself drawn to working with clients whose presentation is complex and she specializes in examining the ways in which trauma, mental health, and addiction interact. She firmly believes that recovery requires an engaged family as part of the process, or it will most certainly lead to struggle and eventually a failed treatment attempt. Kelsey watched how the conventional treatment experience of successful completion of a 1-3 month treatment program followed by what is known as ‘aftercare’ is radically insufficient and she hopes to eradicate that myth in her work. 

Kelsey’s passion and focus to make a difference in the lives of those battling addiction and mental health issues and their families intersected with Plahn Group when she was in a prior position.  She was a top clinical supervisor at an internationally-known treatment facility where the leadership team tasked Kelsey with helping orient the treatment facility to Plahn Group and their intensive approach.  Kelsey was immediately drawn to the non-traditional, supportive nature of the work and the emphasis on joining with the client and their family.  Kelsey saw how Plahn Group’s approach not only solved the huge gap in appropriately helping the recovering client, but literally created a solution for the whole family.  She experienced how Plahn Group’s approach offered something lacking throughout the addiction and mental health treatment fields, a true solution!  The success of Plahn Group clientele, their long-term high-touch delivery of services, and emphasis on integrity made an impact on Kelsey and led to her role as a Plahn Group consultant.

Kelsey obtained her Master’s in Addiction Counseling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Originally from MN, she was hand-selected for a leadership role at a top treatment facility that led her to California in 2013.  She enjoys spending time with friends, most of whom are in the recovery community, helping others, and taking advantage of the beautiful landscape in southern California.

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