Kimberly Bush

Kimberly Bush, MA, Ed.S

Kimberly is an experienced mental health counselor with a background in private practice. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Neuropsychology. She personally experienced the painful and destructive consequences of addiction, anxiety and depression in her own life and the repercussions it caused throughout her family.  After finding a healing path for over a decade, along with finding an intimate understanding of what works and what does not, Kimberly felt a calling to pursue a career in the counseling field. She has seen the devastating consequences when a person is not able to change their self-destructive lifestyle, but has also witnessed firsthand the remarkable changes that can occur when someone develops a preference for recovery and takes actions to foster a recovery lifestyle. For some time, Kimberly had been drawn to a more intensive and effective manner to helping families and individuals than the standard once-a-week therapy model would allow. When Kimberly was made aware of the Plahn Method™ and the work that Plahn Group was doing in the recovery world, she was eager to leave the world of private practice to work with the individual and family on a more intense and committed level. Kimberly specializes in working with the recovering individual (Afflicted Individual), but will also work with concerned family members to remind them that real sustainable recovery is absolutely possible, when a series of consistent actions are taken over time. Kimberly often states that she wishes she had access to the Plahn Method throughout her recovery and would like to bring this comprehensive approach to any clients she works with.
After utilizing her business degree in both the holistic medicine and yachting industries, Kimberly returned to academics to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling as well as a post-graduate Specialist in Education (Ed.S) degree from Seton Hall University.  She is also currently working towards her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. Her counseling career encompasses work in a mental health/substance abuse residential treatment center, and within two boutique private practices. She has worked with all ages of individual clients, as well as couples and families. She has also facilitated therapy groups for parenting, healthy body image and adolescent mental health. She has additional training in substance abuse, psychopathology and human sexuality. She focuses on a holistic and solution-focused approach to treating the individual including meditation, yoga and a focus on the mind-body connection.
Kimberly lives in Nashville with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. Kimberly especially enjoys working at Plahn Group with her mom, Lisa Jackson. After struggling through the mother/daughter dynamics since adolescence, Kimberly and her mother are strong examples of hope for parents and concerned family members. After both working their own long term recovery journey, both are sought after professionals helping individuals and families struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues. Now, Kimberly uses her own family connection and personal history to help facilitate change in others, and to give families hope that lasting recovery is possible. She passionately believes in the work she does with the Plahn Group after directly observing the impact that comes from treating the entire family system.  

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