Recovery Professionals

“We have had the pleasure of working with Michael Plahn and his company Plahn Group on several occasions. He does excellent work with high achieving individuals and families of means, while working on their specific needs and focusing upon successful outcomes. Often these clients enter treatment very ambivalently and are difficult to engage in treatment. Michael’s model of staying with his clients through the first week, and with consistent "in-person" check-ins throughout the treatment cycle, helps to ensure that the client remains in treatment as well as maximizes successful outcomes. He is very talented in being “present” for his clients while remaining unobtrusive to the treatment team, as he works in concert with the providers. I cannot recommend his services more highly."

-Jeff Ball, Ph.D. Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Director of PCH Treatment Center
Los Angeles, California


"I have had the pleasure of working with Plahn Group and its founder Michael Plahn on multiple occasions. Their family systems approach and intensive personal delivery of services stands out even among some of the world’s top behavioral health professionals. Plahn Group consultants are emotionally invested in their work, professional, and true advocates for their clients. In my experience they are tremendous collaborators whose model and implementation ensures that the positive work we do at a top clinical treatment facility translates into lasting positive change. I highly recommend Plahn Group to families looking for a comprehensive solution to behavioral health conditions."

-Adriana Westby-Trent, Ph.D., Program Director
 Los Angeles, California


"Whenever I think of long-lasting quality care, the first person I naturally think of is Michael Plahn. Michael Plahn has true heart and vision for his clients. His passion and clinical excellence is breathtaking and truly speaks to the hearts of those he works with; he is a man of integrity. His consultancy, Plahn Group, offers exceptional service with afflicted individuals and their families, and is by far the best system of care I have ever seen.  

Plahn Group integrates the Family Systems Model. The Family System Model is one of the crucial components to long lasting recovery that frankly is missing in the behavioral health industry. The Plahn Method sets the bar of true integration; more so than I’ve seen with any other treatment provider or service.  

We must all understand that the afflicted individual is just one part of this disease. In order to obtain true sustainability and success, family members must recover as well. This is the reason why I recommend Michael Plahn and Plahn Group to my executive clients. Plahn Group consultants understand all facets of treating a client in a holistic, long-term manner."

-Janelle Cronk, Wellness Consultant for Executives and Families
San Francisco, California


"This the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen.”

-Shantelle Whitehead, PsyD, Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Burr Ridge, Illinois


"As a clinician, I have continually been frustrated with the treatment models that my patients have had available to them. I have known Plahn Group founder Michael Plahn for many years. I see the need for a multi-faceted, integrated, holistic approach to interventions, and sometimes most importantly, the treatment for the entire family after conventional programming is complete. Michael's experience in the business, health care, and addiction and behavioral health worlds, as well as his sensitivity toward integrating all of these domains together, is key in understanding the individual's success down the road.

Before becoming a therapist, I was in the business world. I understand the pressures that these times can put on individuals as well as their families. The shame, denial, and overall lack of understanding involved in addictions are prevalent. Michael truly understands addictions, mental health conditions, and recovery. He has helped guide many of my clients to a much healthier lifestyle through mentoring, teaching, guidance, therapy, and integrative life coaching.

I have worked with thousands of athletes and have watched firsthand as they feel comfort engaging with Michael.  Michael is a great and kind human being who understands and loves people. His need to make a difference is unparalleled with any other individual I have ever worked with.

Michael and his team also deeply understand the person's need to have healthy systems to incorporate into their new life.  His work with family systems and integrated long-term change make him one of the most uniquely qualified caregivers to help those struggling and their families.”

-Morgan Wolin, PsyD, Psychologist
Chicago, Illinois and Scottsdale, Arizona


"The transition from the Family Meeting to treatment was flawless. The approach was unlike any I had ever seen in my many years as a sober companion.  As a security specialist and accomplished sober companion, I am used to helping resistant, high-profile individuals for a few days. However, Plahn Group’s focus on true long-term recovery is not only effective but also needed.  The success of our work is due to the intensive concierge-level approach Plahn Group takes in working with afflicted individuals and their families, over time.”

-James, Sober Companion for High Profile Clients


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