Keely Conrey
Executive Assistant

Keely Conrey serves as executive assistant to Plahn Group founder, Michael Plahn. Keely brings over 17 years of sales and business development experience, and global operations management to her role. Keely was prompted to join Plahn Group team due to her passion for wellness and the life-changing nature of work conducted by the company.

Keely has experience fostering a deep understanding of cultural differences to overcome barriers. In her career she has created and implemented plans that led to positive change, while working in tense environments. She has helped many businesses to grow and prosper by developing systems and nurturing client relationships.

Before joining Plahn Group, Keely served as an international operations and logistics specialist, working in Afghanistan, Uganda, and the United Arab Emirates. Keely created an entirely new accountability and travel process for the United States Army and improved efficiency of importing and exporting mail to and from Kampala, working closely with the U.S. embassy in Uganda. She also helped to obtain needed supplies by leveraging a relationship between the client and United Nations.

Prior to work in the government sector, Keely built a career as a sales manager in several industries, including advertising, media, and pharmaceutical and surgical equipment. Keely holds a degree in marketing from Michigan State University.

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