Afflicted Individuals

"Working with Plahn Group saved my life. Prior to that, and after three premiere residential treatment facilities, as well as countless outpatient and other therapies, relocations and life changes, I found myself at 28 years old, completely hopeless and dying of addiction. My life changed instantly from the point of Plahn Group’s swift, kind, and loving family meeting intervention. Now, over 18 months later, I have a life and relationships I was told about from day one, but never dreamed possible.

Prior to Plahn Group, I had the opportunity to be treated by some of the best facilities and individuals in the country. However, recovery was never appealing and abstinence was fleeting until I had the guidance from my Plahn Group consultant and team. Even with the last treatment facility I chose from Plahn Group’s options my experience was different from that of my peers. I am one of the few still sober and maybe the only one who has truly made dramatic quality of life changes.  

From the very beginning, my Plahn Group Consultant used his vast knowledge and experience to ensure my treatment was the very best and tailored to my needs. From helping my family and me select my initial treatment facility, to suggesting secondary treatment when others were re-entering the world, I had an advocate that knew the help I needed. Plahn Group seamlessly choreographed my life not only in regards to continued care, but also with referrals to the best specialists (doctors, counselor, nutritionist, trainer, basically anything I needed to create a wholly healthy life.) The tireless attention to detail and comprehensive approach was different from anything I had ever experienced.  

In hindsight, I understand how crucial all the details are for long-term recovery, as the pressure to make the important decisions regarding my treatment plan was alleviated from both myself and my family, allowing us all to heal. This resulted in a loving, joyous, rebuilt family system unlike any other I have seen thus far in my recovery. 

Plahn Group, and in particular my Plahn Group consultant, seemed to have an innate understanding about what was needed to help me find peace and long-term recovery. I agree with my father’s assessment of their methodology, implementation, and level of expertise…truly brilliant. My family and I continued to work with Plahn Group for over eighteen months—long after my peers had taken control of their lives. The result: their work and guidance enabled me to heal, rebuild, grow, and live a life beyond my wildest dreams and have a family that actually now comes to me for counsel. With my whole heart I am grateful my parents engaged Plahn Group and if you have a family member who has any struggles like I once did, I encourage you to engage Plahn Group without hesitation and immediately."   

-Arielle, Los Angeles, California


"Working with Plahn Group literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it's the truth. My recovery consultant provided the ideas, tasks, challenges, and support to get me to step outside my comfort zone and attack the obstacles that I had placed in my own way. I would not be leading the happy, healthy life that I have now without their approach (the Plahn Method) and in particular, founder Michael Plahn.  As a result, I have been able to reach this place in my life where I can finally live up to my true potential. I would recommend Plahn Group to anyone."   

-Rebecca, San Francisco, California


"When I engaged with Plahn Group and began working with my recovery consultant, my disease had progressed to a point to where in my forties, I could not even walk up a flight of stairs without the aid of a railing. I was anxious about beginning the healing process and regain all I had lost, but I was scared to do it alone. Plahn Group, their method, and my loving guide (Michael Plahn) helped me reach what at one time seemed hopeless to even try. And, to the surprise and delight of my loved ones, my recovery has been achieved. Thank you Plahn Group for all you have done for me."   

-Sarah, Chicago, Illinois


"I credit Plahn Group and its founder Michael Plahn with saving my career, my marriage, and my life.

The day I met Michael (over five years ago) was one of the darkest of my life.  My disease was in a critical stage, I had lost all hope, and I believed that recovery had become impossible for me personally.  Although I have what some might consider being an impressive education and career, and significant financial security, I had completely lost the ability to manage my life, and I do not believe I could have continued to head down that path for even another day.

Since that day, Michael has been with me every step of the way, and the changes in my life have been remarkable. In addition to my sobriety, I have regained my confidence, dramatically improved my relationships with my wife, children and the rest of my family, improved my efficiency and health, and my career has exploded to where I am now a senior partner with an international law firm.

Most importantly, I feel a sense of acceptance, contentment and peace that I never would have believed possible just a short time ago. All of this is directly attributable to their work with me. Michael has skills and abilities that I believe are unique, and he understands how to work with accomplished high-functioning people and our specific needs. He is the most knowledgeable person that I have ever met in the health care field, and his understanding of what it takes to truly help an individual and family find lasting sustainable recovery from addiction and mental health struggles are what really set him apart from the best of the best. In my opinion, the methodology that Plahn Group uses is far superior to all other options and offers families like ours a true solution.

I simply cannot say enough about Plahn Group. I truly do not think I would be here today if it were not for Michael and the extraordinary and expert work he did with me. I can honestly convey to you that I believe I owe him my life."   

-Michael, J.D., Chicago, Illinois


"I became acquainted with Plahn group in November 2014 when a family meeting was called in my home. I chose not to attend so the team met in my home with my family. Plahn Group continued to work with my family until I finally acquiesced to treatment, six months later.

I spoke to Michael Plahn about my options for in-patient treatment for my alcohol abuse and we mutually decided where I would go. Later that day I was escorted through O’Hare and began my journey with my recovery specialist as my entrée to treatment. Michael met us at LAX and they both drove me to the facility and described to me some of what I would experience.

During this time I was treated with respect, warmth and humor, and was made to feel very comfortable. I had never met either man for more than 5 minutes prior yet I immediately felt that I was in capable hands. Both returned the following morning to make sure that I was ok in my new surroundings, and then again to make sure I was acclimating and feeling safe. 

When the reality of my situation was sinking in and I was not in the best state of mind, Michael dealt with me respectfully and understood, as best he could, the way I was feeling. He addressed some immediate questions I had, and alleviated some of my fears in a very professional and straightforward way. At treatment I was still very stubborn and angry. I was not sure I even wanted to stop drinking and certainly felt sure that I didn’t want to be away from my work or children. This was based both on the length of my drinking and my denial of the problem. However, before arrival at treatment, Plahn Group secured the therapist that seemed best experienced to work with me through my problems. I will say that this therapist turned out to absolutely be the best fit and instrumental in turning my attitude around. During my stay we were in regular contact and Michael worked with my treatment team to see how I was progressing.

I should note, that I chose this facility solely based on Michael’s recommendation. I did not have the state of mind at the time to research facilities and trusted him to recommend the right fit for me. On every level Michael chose the correct facility for me – the staff is excellent, programming thorough and therapists and doctors caring and extremely competent. A bonus was the grounds, food and location. Michael had interviewed my family to get an idea of what would be an ideal setting for me. On this choice Michael scored 100%.

When Plahn Group and the clinical team let me know I should continue [at primary] treatment for longer, I honestly agreed with them. It took my first 30 days to admit to my problem, begin to accept help and warm to strategies that would keep me sober in the long term. It should be noted, that 30 days is a relatively short time to get a very willful person (me) to agree they have a problem and be willing to begin some serious work to correct it.

Michael continued to keep in touch with me, my family and the treatment team to make sure everything was progressing as he thought it should. He also was in agreement that my husband should come out so that we could work with my therapist before me returning home. Wise, as we had many issues to work through.

When I was again told that I should continue my stay to receive the optimum I could get from the program prior to returning home, a real anger and stubbornness returned and I was adamant that I needed to leave immediately. I no longer cared about my sobriety and just wanted freedom. I realize in hindsight that I was having a mental relapse. I know for certain that if I had been released at this time I would have immediately relapsed.

I stayed in this state for about 5 days and really shut down. I spoke to Michael on the phone and he refused to agree with a release, as did my therapist. Of course, no one could keep me there, but I did value their opinion enough to wait for [my Plahn Group consultants] to come talk to me in person. I was in very bad shape and it took a long talk with them and my listening to their calm reasoning that got me to agree to stay. I would say, without a doubt, that this was a critical turning point in my care. They got through to me when I was as bad as I have ever been emotionally and mentally. I agreed to another 2-3 weeks. I cannot stress enough that all of my recovery would have been for naught if they had allowed me to leave when I wanted.

Finally, a real light went off for me and I began seeing and hearing things that I had been closed off from before. I truly valued my sobriety above anything else, and I knew that I could not achieve that without the plan that Plahn Group created for me, and the treatment facility. 

When I was escorted me back to Chicago, we went over strategies and plans of action for my recovery on the plane as well as during the following week when my recovery specialist stayed with me so that I could acclimate back to home and work. We agreed on meeting schedules, daily check-ins, a new therapist, medications, etc. Plahn Group confirmed all of this with my husband so he would know what to expect and could set boundaries for my most successful return home.

During my time at treatment and continuing afterward at home I heard story after story of fellow residents relapsing. I can attest that the care they received from the treatment facility was top-notch, but all was lost in the "real world." My experience was different; Plahn Group guided me to local AA meetings, strategized with me about difficult conversations and situations and held my hand every step of the way to live a sober life in my community. I have goals that Michael is helping me reach which continue to make me stronger in my sobriety.

I can say in complete confidence that I would not be sober today were it not for Plahn Group. Not only did they get me to go to treatment (which was a complete feat, in my case!) they got me to stay and want to be sober, not just for my family, but for me. I am healthier mentally and physically than I have been in years and my family has happily come back together. Plahn Group has been compassionate, understanding, kind and professional. I trust them completely and will forever be grateful to them for coming into my life and showing me a better, healthier and more peaceful way to live forever without alcohol. The “bad guys” who staged my “intervention” are now my good friends."

-Elizabeth, Chicago, Illinois

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