Family and Loved Ones

"For about a decade, my daughter struggled with addictions, mood issues, and was a constant worry for my wife and me. There were numerous times that we were sick with worry that she was dead. We had spent a significant amount of money to have her treated at some of the top hospitals and treatment facilities. However, we would never see much progress after she would leave treatment, in part because a cohesive post- treatment plan was never well put together. We were left to navigate her addictions alone again. Our beautiful 28-year old daughter was miserable and dying from these issues when we engaged what is now known as Plahn Group, working directly with the founder Michael Plahn.

Their family systems approach for solving difficult behavioral health issues, and Michael’s constant follow-up during our daughter’s acute rehab, and long after, was what had been missing in every other failed attempt at recovery. The ‘do whatever is needed’ philosophy and the intensive manner in which their behavioral health consultants worked with our entire family created a confidence from the beginning and produced results that we could have never imagined. As our daughter received the help she needed, and started a transition to sobriety, we also received valuable behavioral counseling to start to rebuild a very broken relationship with her. 

Our daughter is now an amazing woman in her thirties who is realizing her potential; she has overcome her addiction and behavioral health struggles and is one of the wisest people I know. Our family is closer than I could have ever imagined, and I attribute the success to our work with Michael and our Plahn Group team. We had the sense from the first time that we met Michael, in a time of great crisis that he simply would not allow her to fail. 

I am a physician and would consider myself a discerning client; I cannot emphasize how special this company is to my daughter, my family and me. Plahn Group, its founder Michael Plahn, and our recovery team are truly experts, and some of the finest individuals I have ever known. Plahn Group has developed and perfected what I believe is the solution for addiction and behavioral health issues for the whole family. If you have the need, I encourage you to engage Plahn Group immediately and without reservation; our work with them, was the best investment I have ever made for my family. My wife and I would be happy at any time to share our experience with another family - we understand the visceral pain that families with a loved one in addiction live with. Meeting Michael was the beginning of the path to recovery for all of us, and we believe that he very much saved our daughter and our family."

Peter, father of afflicted individual
Providence, Rhode Island

"We cannot thank you enough for your work with our family. The attached photo is of our entire family taken during the family weekend at the extended care facility that you recommended. While our son originally went to primary treatment for stabilization, with your help he agreed to continue his treatment at a peer appropriate extended care facility.  Our once resistant son has now embraced recovery.  Again, thank you for all you have done for our son and our whole family.”

Mary, mother of afflicted individual
Chicago, Illinois

"I engaged with Michael Plahn of Plahn Group five years ago. Honestly, I had a difficult time believing my husband (a highly successful entrepreneur struggling with late-stage addiction and mental illness) would even begin the process, let alone accept help at the Family Meeting. I had friends and family discourage me from even attempting to help.  But, I needed to try one last time for our daughter and myself. Michael Plahn was highly endorsed and I was told I could trust them. I felt an immediate confidence and hope in working with his team, and in particular, Michael. I learned to trust the process, and my husband not only accepted help that day and followed Michael and his team to treatment, but we have continued to change for the better in many ways as a result of our work with them. We lovingly refer to Michael as our guardian angel. We now have lives we could not have imagined five years ago—our family is together, our daughter knows her father as a sober man, and we are able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work with a second chance at life."

Melissa, wife of afflicted individual
Miami, Florida

"My husband was suffering from late stage, chronic alcoholism and depressive issues. To our friends and neighbors, things may have seemed okay. He still had a prestigious job and we had the best of everything—expensive house, cars, foreign travel, and the finest schools for our children. The reality was quite different. My husband had become a man I barely recognized, and our lives had reached a level of chaos that was simply unbearable. As a stay-at-home mom, I not only feared for my husband's life, but I was terrified of the potential consequences on my life and the lives of our children. My husband engaged with Plahn Group founder, Michael Plahn. The positive changes were swift and dramatic, and nearly every aspect of our lives began to improve.

Today, my husband has become a man that I would not have recognized five years ago. I did not get my old husband back; rather, I now have a husband that is even better than the man I fell in love with and married. He is sober, kind, compassionate, and at peace with himself. I attribute all of this to Plahn Group, their hands on approach, and in particular, Michael. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my husband, my family, and me."

Lisa, wife of afflicted individual
Park City, Utah

"My son struggled with addiction and various mood issues for well over a decade. By the time he was 29, he had been to nine formal rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction, depression, and dual diagnosis issues, while also trying to get clean countless times on his own. Nothing worked. I was hopeless when it was suggested that I contact the founder of what is now Plahn Group. I immediately knew something was different; their model is unlike anything I have heard about or certainly ever experienced, and their consultants are not only experts, they truly care.

There have been many ups and downs, but our Plahn Group team was present and guided my family through every decision and action.  Our team always seemed to be a few steps ahead and could anticipate situations as if they knew what would happen and what was needed for long-term change. There are plenty of treatment facilities and options available, but there is nothing like what Plahn Group offers, anywhere.  I believe Plahn Group offers the only true solution for addiction and mood conditions anywhere, period.  My family is forever changed and I am forever grateful to them.”

Jane, mother of afflicted individual
Birmingham, Alabama

"I was looking for help for my husband and realized our entire family needed help. Plahn Group saved our family, opened my eyes to working on myself, and I became a better mom. I think life will always have challenges but, the company now known as Plahn Group, and in particular the founder, Michael Plahn helped me realize how to get through that and reach out for help for my family.

Without their help I’m not sure our family would still be together today. They were caring and concerned for all. Walked me through everything and were a phone call away at any time of day as I went through the process. I felt like I was the only person they were working with, the support I got was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone who is feeling like their life just can't seem to get better or they feel they have no way out."

-Jackie, wife of afflicted individual
Seattle, Washington

"Two years ago we were at the lowest point of our lives, certain that we would lose our daughter to drugs and alcohol. Her addiction had taken its toll on 12 years of her young life, and ours. After two reputable 30-day treatment centers, therapy, and countless trips to the ER, she was no closer to recovery and her life had become unbearably chaotic. To lose hope is devastating and we were devastated.

When we met the Plahn Group founder, Michael Plahn, for the first time, he restored our hope and for that we are forever grateful. Working as our lead consultant, it was immediately clear that Michael understood our pain as he presented their approach and comprehensive program for our daughter with thoughtfulness and assurance that he would be there with her and us every step of the way. After she went into treatment, he connected with her in a way we could not, and that trusting connection has strengthened with time. 

Our daughter's path was complicated at times, with challenging issues that Michael handled brilliantly. He guided her through important transitions that occur after treatment during recovery that helped her make better decisions and gain confidence. Another phase of his recovery plan was to help her find suitable sober housing and the best therapeutic resources in the area, to help her work toward a goal of emotional and physical wellness. With Michael's guidance, our daughter has gradually taken on more responsibility for rebuilding her life from the wreckage that addiction left behind.

Michael is one of the most extraordinary people we've ever met. He is kind and knowing in his ability to help someone move from addiction through treatment and recovery, to heal physically and emotionally, and work toward their dream life.  Our daughter is now almost two years sober, happy and healthy, working hard and loving her life, and says she couldn't have done it without Michael and the rest of her team. We are a family again, and we can't thank Plahn Group enough for being there with us every step of the way."

-Molly, mother of afflicted individual
Providence, Rhode Island

"Our family was desperate for help for our young adult son who suffered from longstanding serious depression. We did not know where to turn after supporting years of talk therapy that was seemingly going nowhere towards significant improvement. We were referred to Plahn Group and directly to its founder (Michael Plahn). After just an initial conversation, my husband and I were convinced that we had finally found the help we could believe in.

Michael and his team of skilled professionals, who were hand picked for our specific needs, never disappointed us. The scope of experience, knowledge and education, and array of personalized life skills services amounted to a plan of recovery unparalleled in any previous attempts to help our son. The commitments they made to our loved one and our family members in terms of communication, advocacy, and compassionate presence as needed never failed.

What seemed an insurmountable goal for our son was accomplished through the combination of good therapy, real-world life skills mentorship by Michael, and the acceptance of Michael as an accomplished and trusted member of a team approach for care."

-Chris, mother of afflicted individual
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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