Lisa Marie Jackson, MBA, LMFT
Behavioral Health Consultant

Lisa is a seasoned behavioral health professional trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Prior to becoming a therapist, Lisa acquired her MBA and built a career over decades in the finance arena. She held multiple corporate positions as controller, and eventually as president of a federal credit union. In the midst of her business career, she was living the anguish of feeling helpless and sometimes hopeless as a parent of a child with ineffectively treated mental health and addiction issues.  Lisa emerged from her experience with a core purpose and drive to help other families. She abandoned her business career, and embarked on the pursuit of a masters in counseling, followed by the licensure process.  Lisa created her own concierge therapy model, working solely with parents of adult children who suffer from the effects of addiction or serious mental illness. She has built exclusive practices in Santa Barbara, California; Naples, Florida; and also works with clients living and traveling abroad.  Lisa is accustomed to working with high profile clients and understands their unique needs. 

She found extraordinary success in supporting families, especially parents of addicted and dually-diagnosed young adults.  Yet, in the midst of her success, she became increasingly and acutely aware of the dire need for a comprehensive integrated solution for the entire family.  Lisa originally met with Michael Plahn based on the recommendation of several highly trusted colleagues, with the intent of referring well-matched families to Plahn Group.  However, upon hearing first-hand about Plahn Group’s all-encompassing model in detail, along with their reputation of integrity amongst the most respected peers in the field, she instead asked to be considered for a family consultant position on the team. Lisa was offered the position of Lead Family Consultant and immediately scaled down her private practice, as she views the Plahn Method as the gold standard solution for the entire family.

Lisa has worked in a variety of settings, including residential and intensive outpatient programs that treated substance abuse and dual diagnoses conditions, and a boutique private group practice. She has been engaged in interventions and collaborative family therapy. Lisa has facilitated groups in Mindfulness in Daily Life, Seeking Safety (for clients with substance abuse issues), Relapse Prevention, Working the Twelve Steps, and Rebuilding Life After Divorce. She has presented to mental wellness agencies and residential treatment center staff as an advocate for parents and their needs during treatment of a loved one.

Lisa is a proud mom of two amazing adult children, a fabulous son-in-law, and loves nothing more than spending time with her three-year-old granddaughter. She lives outside of Nashville and spends much of her time traveling to work with Plahn Group families. She loves to spend any free time at the beach – running, kayaking, and joining in tai chi class, and often convinces business colleagues to join her for “beach walk meetings.”  Her passion for her work is even more enriched by getting to work side by side at Plahn Group with her own daughter, Kimberly Bush, modeling for families the rich possibilities that await them in their own parent/child relationships. 

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