Michael Plahn, M.A.
Lead Behavioral Health Consultant

Michael Plahn is the founder and lead behavioral health recovery consultant at Plahn Group, a world-class organization focused on solving behavioral health issues for high-achieving families. An accomplished change expert, Michael has a deep skill set built around overcoming significant, even life-threatening obstacles - with the understanding of how to live a fit, happy, and usefully-whole life. Leveraging this, he created the Plahn Method, a long-term family systems solution for chronic behavioral health conditions. Michael’s extensive training, professional expertise, and significant life experience create the ideal combination to lead Plahn Group. 

Michael holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Michael also completed post-graduate work in personal and executive coaching at the prestigious College of Executive Coaching. He studied at the world-renowned CHEK Institute in San Diego, California and has multiple certifications in their high-level approach to integrative fitness and wellness. Michael is a Level II CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach, and has held numerous exercise physiology and fitness credentials since entering the helping field. Michael has extensive experience in behavioral health interventions with multiple certifications.  

Prior to Plahn Group, Michael was founder and program director of LifeSkills Authorities, a boutique lifestyle firm centered on fitness, wellness, and recovery, where he developed the cutting-edge prototype for what is now known as Plahn Method.  Michael is a sought-after motivational speaker on the topics of addiction, depression and mood issues, as well as recovery.  He has worked with NCAA college athletes to reduce the stigma around behavioral health issues, inspire, and provide hope that recovery can actually be a young person’s game. 

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