Arielle Mandelson, NCRC-I
Recovery Specialist

Arielle Mandelson is a behavioral health recovery specialist with a passion for changing lives. As a nationally certified recovery coach (NCRC-I), Arielle has been told she has a true gift for connecting with those who struggle with addiction, and their family members.

Arielle brings a unique perspective to her work at Plahn Group, as she is an alumna of Plahn Group’s program. Having experienced firsthand how the Plahn Method TM worked in her life and brought recovery to her entire family, she has invaluable knowledge and a keen understanding of the different stages of the Plahn Method TM recovery process. With this experience, Arielle is able to provide insight and hope, and connect with newly recovering individuals and their family members on a profound level.

Arielle is in the process of completing her credential as a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC-I) at the University of California - Los Angeles. Arielle’s vibrant real-life recovery, and passion for health, fitness, and fun has amassed her a significant social media following as a highly engaged woman in the self-improvement and wellness realm. Her joy, kindness and compassion are palpable and make her a trusted advocate for afflicted individuals and their loved ones throughout their recovery journey.

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